Acro Balance

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Acro Balance is a partner workout that combines elements of adagio, hand balancing and traditional yoga.

Classes are built around all kinds of fitness level, you don’t have to be a gymnast or circus artist to give a go. The physical practice of holding and letting go will support participants to release fear and pain in everyday activites, throughout a busy work-week.

Adagio consists of partner lifts, where usually a male lifts his female partner in many different poses and positions. In partner hand balancing, a bottom mounter supports the top mounter in handstands, planches and other acrobatic poses. Traditional Yoga supports general wellbeing by practicing particular series of moves, poses (asana) combined with breathing, relaxation and meditation technics.

In Acro Balance formation the person on the ground doing the lifting and supporting is called the base, while a performer being lifted can be referred to as the flyer. The glue between the base and flyer is the spotter. This latter assists to achive the poses of the couple during the workout and increase the potential of a succesfull skill attempt of partners. The harmonious unity of these tree roles makes Acro Balance an acrobatic art of communication and community. Hence everyone can feel safe during the practice and the same time having fun.

Whilst practicing Acro Balance with Floating Fitness members will develop trust, bravery, confidence, flexibility, core strength, stability, coordination, patience and sensitivity to others. They become more balanced, open, kind, present, connected and healthy. Acro Balance gives an opportunity to outweigh the limitation of the mind and be able to enjoy life as play and as it is!

We only need an open hart and mind that allows you to give and receive as Acro Balance– referred as well merly by it’s name– is one of the best places to cultivate win-win situations.

Minimum number of attendance of this class is 4 people. Please check 1 hour before the class on 07949427595.