Massage on land

If your training was effective and you got tired muscle, perhaps you simply would like to pamper yourself, Floating Fitness offers a wide variety of massage technique. You can recover, reduce soreness and fatigue, or cope with the stressful life we live in London by choosing a Sport, Swedish, Relax techniques, as an alternative the dance based bodywork: Ma-Uri (aka Lomi-Lomi).

Massage in water

If you like to float in the air in our pole and yoga classes why wouldn’t you try the experience of floating in the water? Wat-su (Water Shiatsu) is the best choice for encountering with a special and a healing massage in warm water. We offer this bodywork as a therapeutic water dance that helps you to free your spirit, body and mind. As Therapeutic Water Dance (TWD) helps rebounds to oneness, we can float to joy, peace and wholeness through this bodywork. Hydrophobia is not an obstacle! TWD can help you to overcome your fears on many levels in the holding hand of the therapist.