Body Mapping

2 &3 November 2019


What is Body Mapping?
Body Mapping is a creative process that allows women to explore their own stories that lives in the body through art and movement. It is a safe place to explore: anxiety and stress, abuse, domestic violance, addiction, beravement, chronic illness, phobias, post-traumatic stress, relationships, sexuality, spirituality, trauma.

Who can apply?
Any woman above 18 can apply who wish to understand herself deeper, the processes that is present in life at the moment, that you are unable to explore in busy workweek, or do not dare to share with anyone for any reasons. Body Mapping workshop is an amazing opportunity to build relationship within. It unfolds me & me dynamics, reveals creative parts of self. In a holding and confidential environment participators will be safe enough to look into difficult or owerwhelming feelings as well, explore inner guidance, and find inner strength to learn new ways of coping.

What is the process?
1. Body Mapping combines body & movement meditations, guided
visualisation, ritual and personal storytelling with drawing and painting.
2. It involves painting a life-size representation of the body onto canvas by using body movements, images, symbols and words.
3. In this therapeutic process of creating the body map participants will gain a deeper understanding of their own power to create health and several unique stories within themselves that can be utilized in every day's life after the workshop.

Do I need to be an artist or dancer?
No previous experience is required and there is no need ‘to be an artist or dancer’.

How many people can apply?
It is a small group workshop. Group will run with minimum of 4 maximum of 8 people.

How long is the workshop?
Body Mapping workshop is 2-day-long, each day will last for 6 hours.

What do I need to bring?
- Come in comfortable clothes that you are not afraid of messing around once you dance, move or paint.
- Notebook and pen to note your journey.
- However some nibbles, tea and coffe will be available at venue, please do bring packed lunch with you.
- Canvas, paints and props, art materials will be provided.

Who is the workshop leader?
Veronika Rakli dance movement therapist, founder of Floating Fitness London. Veronika has led Body Mapping workshops in mental health institutes and she is a trained/licensed Body Mapping therapist. Her supervisor is Annette Schwalbe.

Where it will be held?
58-72 Dalmain Road, Forest Hill, London SE23 1AT

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