Meet Veronika Rakli

Veronika Rakli has an international teaching career in pole dance and aerial yoga. She has taught in 3 different countries and 5 cities; these include Hungary (Budapest), The Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Tilburg) and the UK (London). 

In 2012 Veronika took part in the Miss Pole Dance Hungary competition where she finished as second runner up. With this national result she received an offer to teach in The Netherlands at Fonty’s University, the Academy for Circus and Performance Art in Tilburg. She shared her pole knowledge with Chinese Pole students. She also gave pole dance fitness and aerial yoga lessons in Rotterdam and Amsterdam for one year. 

Veronika arrived in London in 2013 as she was admitted as an MA student at Goldsmiths University. She studied Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) and finished her curse in 2015. She gained two years of experience in London as a DMP trainee working with children having challenging behaviour and special needs as well as elderly at an NHS setting.     

Veronika believes that pole dancing is a great means of self-expression, and aerial yoga is the best way of keeping our body in harmony. Through teaching she hopes to contribute to the aim of challenging the prejudices surrounding pole dance in order to bring this attractive style of movement into the world of sport and performing arts. Hence, she is very proud that after such extensive experience she has the opportunity to start her business on a university campus. 

Additional interesting things about her:

Veronika believes: ‘Mens sana in corpore sanoshe’ (Healthy soul and mind live in a healthy body.) She speaks three languages (Hungarian, German, English) and has a PhD in Psycholinguistics. Her research fields are learning difficulties and human comprehension. As a trainee therapist she is interested in eating disorders, learning difficulties and the prenatal period of human development. In her spare time she writes short stories in her native language, Hungarian. 

Finally, she never thought she would live in London…☺   


Meet Siyan


Siyan is a yoga goers in 8 years, she taught yoga in China and United Kingdom. She fell in love with Ariel Yoga two years ago, and decided to purse it in her whole life. Siyan always use diverse skills in her teaching of funny and relax milieu. 'I prefer to embed Ariel Yoga into our daily life, I love to refresh the perspective of how to seeing the world through Ariel Yoga. You will have more clear mind after the inversion position, and gain more skills of how to concentrate the sense inside your body. Everyone has a little 'monster' living inside their body, it's time to have a cup of coffee with her/him.' Siyan uses aroma therapy at the end of the classes, and focuses on the flowing breathe during lessons.


Meet Veri


Meet Natalie


Natalie is from Vienna and comes from a dance background (Ballet, Jazz, Modern). After many years of professional dancing performing in ballet companies and musical shows on ships she discovered her love for the aerial arts in 2012! She was hooked from day one when she did her fist attempts to master aerial silk. Soon aerial hoop became her second aerial skill followed by aerial hammock. She started choreographing her own acts and got work on Cruise-ships with her aerial silk and hoop acts. She has been an aerial trainer for the past two years in Berlin. 


Meet Jackie

Throughout her childhood and early teens Jackie was part of the touring youth circus in Switzerland “Kinderzirkus Robinson”, performing various skills such as acrobatics, trapeze, unicycle, rope dancing and even a bit of juggling. She has also performed in Swiss musical theatre, tried her hand at Irish step dance (Celtic Jig) and practised Kickboxing. At the start of 2015 Jackie got introduced to pole dancing. Being completely new in the pole dancing world, Jackie had never appreciated the gymnastic / acrobatic elements required for pole dance, which was precisely what got her hooked. She fell in love with pole instantly and she reached the advanced level within a short time. In 2016 Jackie qualified as a pole dance instructor. Overall Jackie is a fitness freak, always trying to excel in new areas.


Meet Dina

Dina is a certified PE Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer and Therapist. The love for Aerial Yoga gave her the enthusiasm to graduate on the subject and she started to teach in Portugal, the country she born. She loves to practice Yoga in the Nature: parks, beaches, gardens, and all natural landscapes, especially in isolated places. She also loves to practice Aerial Yoga in the trees in her country. Dina has also professional experience in Pregnancy, with babies, children and Special Education Needs. She is an ex-acrobat gymnast and also practised climbing, swimming, judo, athletics and orienteering, among other sports and activities. She loves to practice Ayurveda and to understand the deep meaning of all things.


Meet Nicky

Nicky is one of London’s original pole dance instructors; teaching pole for 12 years.  She has performed internationally and featured in The Art of Pole Dancing Instructional DVD Vol 1 and 2. Nicky trained in Dance, Art, and Theatre and is currently training to be a Dance Movement Psychotherapist (DMP) at Goldsmiths University, London.  Movement and the way in which it can be used to express our selves creatively fuels her passion. She was one of the Judges for the 2015 french Pole dance championships in Paris.


Meet Danae

Danae is a designer and ex-gymnast that loves pole dancing and aerial silks. She is originally from Athens, Greece and has been doing gymnastics since her age 8. Danae is living in Amsterdam at the moment as she was admitted for MA design studies. We keep her on our website as we can thank for her our webpage and design of Floating Fitness.