Our Equipment

Our Poles

We are proud, that each of our poles is taller than 3 meters which makes our Pole Dance Fitness school unique in Southeast London. As some of the most advanced tricks and technical moves require particular height you are able to practice those in our Pole Dance Fitness school without any hindrance. 

The poles are in a safe distance (2-2,5 meters) from each other. You will always have enough space to stretch your body, your limbs whilst practicing pole moves or trying out new spins and tricks. 

Our poles are made of chrome. We provide static and spinning X-Poles with different diameters, such as 40 mm (for beginners // if you have a small grip) and 45 mm (for advanced students // if you would like to take part in a competition). 

Our portable X-Poles have the highest safety level for training. They are fixed into a steal beam on the ceiling to enhance stability, so that everyone can feel safe and secure whilst training on pole equipment in our Pole Dance Fitness studio.

Our Hammocks

We have chosen the seven colours of the body's energy centres/chakras for our hammocks: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Using the seven colours of the spectrum aims to balance and enhance our chakras and also to help stimulate our body's own healing process. Each of our fabrics takes up to 350 kg, which allows you to practice and relax in a safe way in our Aerial Yoga lessons.