Why Choose us?


Safe space

We offer professional space and height for Pole Dance Fitness training and the highest security in assembly of poles. We highly believe that pole training should always be conducted in a well-ventilated and uncluttered space. We also have wall to wall mirrors at our venue that help to improve your Pole Dance Fitness skills.

Safe curriculum

Our curriculum helps you to gradually build up muscles to prepare for more and more advanced pole dancing tricks, hence we offer a level structure (beginner, advanced, professional) of pole learning. 

Efficient learning adapted to you

Within the framework of the safe curriculum everyone can progress in her/his own rhythm. We will always encourage you to perform close to your limits, however, if your body is not prepared for a particular move yet, we won’t push you there. Instead we help you to get there without injuries and or any disappointment. We believe, that anything can be achieved, if you respect and follow the timing that your body offers.

Student discount

We offer a very reasonable price for students as our location belongs to Goldsmiths University’s campus.