Feel the fear and do it anyway

Written by Stefania di Fiore

“Feel the fear and do it anyway” is the title of a famous book by Susan Jeffers. The author helps people to face their fears and to change their lives for the better…

…But hold on… what I am talking about? How do psychology and pole dancing fit on the same plate?

Well, I am one of the few girls facing a fear of heights!

I was fascinated by the girls so strong and sexy on the pole, thinking how talented they are and the work they put in to get there. Intrigued, I decided to give it a go, and I joined the class at Floating Fitness. I really enjoyed it and I was determined to carry on. Not even an injury could stop me taking part in pole classes!

Once I had reached the intermediate level with tons of inversions such as Chopper, Inverted Crucifix and Gemini, I didn’t know I was going to fear the height.  ”I have never been scared of heights, what the hell is going on now?”, I said to myself, “Will I never be able to do those beautiful moves on the pole?”

The fear of the height, of falling, of the empty space held me back, I couldn’t see any progress at one point of my physical development. I also started to think pole dancing was maybe not for me, I thought I should actually give up, I felt I was not good enough for this.

Well ladies, one year later my fear is still there but I am still enjoying pole dancing. I still look forward to it and when I feel fear I just do it. And if the fear is strong? Well, the support from the girls in the class is stronger!!  It is not easy of course but why we should allow our fears to control our life? Why should we give up to those things that make feel us happy? Soon I am going to be able to learn hand stand on pole, I never imagined I could do that when I first stepped into the studio of Club Pulse.

The only way to get rid of the fear of doing something is to go out and… do it!

Good luck girls!