No Jewellery, Please!

Written by Veronika Rakli

This is what you always hear at the beginning of our Aerial Yoga and Pole Dance classes. Is this only our teachers passion to ask you, to annoy you to remove your favourite ring(s), earring(s), necklace(s), bracelet(s), even fitband trackers, watches, that you love so much? You got it from your parents, from your special frined, partner, husband, you fell in love with this shiny little beauty and bought it years ago (or just yesterday). Basically you feel this jewellery belongs to your body. You don’t even know it is there, as you wear them night and days.

Oh, yes, we know it can feel intrusive to ask to remove those things. But why we ask this? Is there something behind this request, that you should know about?  Why we ask you to remove jewellery in Aerial Yoga and Pole Dance classes?



To remove jewellery when participating in physical education activities serves yours and other class participants’ SAFETY. Ear studs, nose rings, watches, rings anklets and other hanging accessories could cause harm or be broken.

Don’t destroy your beloved tresures! As they can bend, break, indeed, during aerial activities. You won’t like the feeling when you need to go to jeweler to get it fixed or into a shop to buy a new one, that can never be the same…

But more imortant, that jewellery-related sports accidents and injuries can happen when jewellery worn by participants:

  • Comes in contact with classmates, for example assissting each other in pole classes.
  • Comes in contact with sport equipment (pole, hammock, gym or studio floor)
  • Or... just for comfort to prevent blisters, cuts and contusions.

Earrings in particular are prone to being torn from earlobes when contact is made aspecially in hammocks.

For this reason, it is our strict safety rule to remove any-and-all jewellery BEFORE a practice, training in the gym/ studio.


It is good to know that jewellery-related accidents can cause severe injuries that could compromise patients’ health.

  • Earrings present risk of damage to the ear lobe if caught and pulled sharply.
  • Rings can occure degloving, aka avulsion. (Wikipedia: A degloving injury is a type of avulsion in which an extensive section of skin is completely torn off the underlying tissue, severing its blood supply. It is named by analogy to the process of removing a glove.)
  • Necklaces may present a risk of choking/strangulation.
This picture is only for strong nervousness!!!!

This picture is only for strong nervousness!!!!

These items can injure equipments occuring holes in fabrics, scratches on poles. Hammocks can get snagged and ripped – nobody wants to fall because of neglegence of rules. A scretch on crome pole can cut your or others skin occuring bleeding.

What else do we ask not to wear in Aerial Yoga class?

  • Zippers
  • Metal buttons
  • Sharp hair accessories
  • Dress, tops with sequins
  • Any embellishments, buckles, or things that can get caught on the fabric
  • Avoid wearing too much perfume, cologne, essential oils, or anything with a strong smell that can linger on the hammock long after your practice.
  • Too much lotion, sunscreen, or other cremes can stick to the hammock and make it difficult to grip the slings.
  • Long/Sharp/(fake) fingernails. Please make sure your fingernails and toenails are trimmed! (especially children!)
  • Sleevless top that does not cover your armpits - this is for hygiene reasons and to protect your delicate skin.

Please, no jewellery!

  • for your and
  • others safety, as well as
  • protecting your equipments! 

Thank You!

Safe and Happy Flying!